Rainy Morning

Recently my photo of Cold Brook in Tamworth, NH was featured on Jerry Monkman’s Blog as part of his new photo critique group on flickr. After reading some of Jerry’s suggestions, I can’t wait to try shooting this scene again!

Cold Brook South Tamworth, NH

Ossipee Lake Sunset

Once of the best things about living on Ossipee Lake has to be the sunsets! This photograph looking toward Mt Chocorua from Broad Bay is a blend of three different exposures blended together in HDR pro.

Spring In The White Mountains

The trees are a few weeks behind last year. This photo of Mt Washington over the Saco River was taken on May 1st 2010. It’s a week later than that right now and the leaves still have a ways to go before they are where they were in this photo.


Winter In Tamworth, NH

I had been trying to get this photo for the past two years but there was always a log skidder parked in the way. I finally got my chance to take the photo this past March during a snow storm.

Tamworth, NH

Spring Migration

It’s great to see all the summer birds returning now that spring migration is well underway. This female Baltimore Oriole showed up at the suet feeder this afternoon. I guess it’s time to pick up some oranges and see if I can’t convince a pair of Orioles to stick around for the summer.