Northern Flicker

We’ve been occasionally seeing a pair Northern Flickers over the past week to ten days. They have been kind of shy and not coming anywhere near the house. A couple of days ago this one wandered over as it was pecking at the ground and I was able to get a quick shot before it took off.

Northern Flicker

Stream in Sandwich, NH

This photograph is a horizontal version of the same small stream I posted a few days ago. I always try to shoot most scenes both horizontal and vertical. With this scene, I prefer the earlier vertical photo I posted a few days ago. Which do you prefer?

Horizontal Version of a small stream in Sandwich, NH

American Goldfinch

Now that spring is in full swing here in NH, we have been getting lots of the summer migrants show up. In addition to the migrating birds showing up we still have our year-round birds like the American Goldfinch. The Goldfinch have been going through their molt, and are changing from their drab winter colors to their more vibrant breeding plumage.

Waterfall Season

Yesterday’s rain coupled with things starting to green up means waterfall season. We received 1.5″ of rain at Ossipee Lake yesterday so I thought I would check out some of the local waterfalls today. Most of the bigger falls were washed out with to much water flowing. So, I decided to check out some of the smaller streams. This small stream is barley a trickle in the summer but was flowing strong today.

Small Stream In Sandwich, NH

Rainy Morning

Recently my photo of Cold Brook in Tamworth, NH was featured on Jerry Monkman’s Blog as part of his new photo critique group on flickr. After reading some of Jerry’s suggestions, I can’t wait to try shooting this scene again!

Cold Brook South Tamworth, NH